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Taigum State School – New Administration Building


Check out the latest progress on the construction of the new Administration Building at Taigum State School. 🌟

👷‍♂️ The ground slabs are officially installed, and we’ve successfully completed the first-floor columns. It’s incredible to see the vision for this educational facility taking shape before our eyes.

🌞 We’ve been incredibly fortunate with the dry weather, which has allowed us to stay on track and maintain our momentum. This progress wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our amazing team at ICM Construction.

📚 At ICM Construction, we take pride in being education specialists. We understand the unique needs of educational institutions and are committed to delivering exceptional spaces that inspire learning and growth.

Thank you to everyone involved in this exciting project, and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build the future of education at Taigum State School! 🚀 #ConstructionProgress#EducationSpecialists#ICMConstruction#TaigumStateSchool#BuildingTheFuture 🏫👷‍♀️👷‍♂️

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