Architect and worker discussing on blueprint at construction site.

Design & Construction Overview

At ICM we seek the best possible design alternatives. During the design and construct process, we will integrate our knowledge and ability to problem solve to ensure the most efficient design solution is delivered. This will translate into savings in both time and costs, without compromising the architectural, aesthetics and durability of the project.

We partner with some of Queensland’s top design consultants, which exposes us to a variety of construction techniques and efficiencies which we apply to all of our projects. This allows us to produce high-quality outcomes for our valued customers.

Step 1

A project brief will need to be provided by the client, in order for ICM to evaluate the proposed job.

Step 2

ICM will then hold a consultation with the project stakeholders and undertake a design workshop for the project.

Step 3

ICM’s design team will produce preliminary designs for the client’s approval, to ensure they are in-line with their desired project outcome.

Step 4

ICM will then create the construction documentation, followed by the commencement and completion of construction and then the handover to the client.

Construction Profile

An overview of our construction services.

Construction Profile